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About Adelphia

Adelphia Communications Corporation is the 5th largest cable television provider in America. The company serves clients in 31 states and offers analog and digital video services, high-speed Internet access and other advanced services over its broadband systems. On December 31, 2005, the firm's joint cable operations served around 4,936,000 basic cable subscribers, of which just about 2,008,000 also used digital cable service. The firm's joint cable networks also provided high speed internet services to roughly 1,714,000 subscribers at December 31, 2005. Besides 55,000 basic cable subscribers that were located in Brazil, all of the company's basic cable subscribers at December 31, 2005 were located in the United States. Adelphia's operates its domestic cable business in 31 states, with huge affiliations in Los Angeles, New England, Western New York, West Palm Beach, Cleveland, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia and Colorado Springs.

Adelphia High-Speed Internet Services

Mediacom contributes to the development and success of all the communities it services by employing locally, paying significant shares of property taxes, collecting franchise fees and reinvesting in fiber optic technologies.

Adelphia's high speed internet services accounted for approximately 17% of its total revenue for 2005. The corporation's high speed internet services were available for a monthly fee to around 91% of its homes passed as of December 31, 2005. High speed internet services are delivered through cable modems and reflect a robust alternative to Internet access over analog modems using slow dial-up connections. Adelphia's high speed internet services include virus protection, firewall and pop-up blockers. Adelphia also provides digital music service and a best-of-the-web package of content as premium services at an additional monthly charge. In addition, the company's high speed internet services ensure constant Internet connectivity without needing to tie up a telephone line.

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