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What is an Largo ADSL?

ADSL Serving a population of over 69,371, Florida ADSL high-speed Internet service providers are giving Largo residents a chance to get fast, online, affordable Web access. ADSL is the sensible choice and the easiest way to connect to friends, family, and the best Largo events for less than a dollar a day.

Largo ADSL - Fast Speeds

  • Florida's ISP high speed Internet services give residents the chance to connect, download, and upload instantly, send multi-media files, use multiple Internet connections, play games online, watch live video feeds from WLLA and WWMT, and use file sharing applications with the Internet services provided by Florida's ISP companies.

Largo ADSL - Reliability

  • ADSL gives high-speed Internet users constant connection. Instead of competing with your neighbors for Web access, enjoy dedicated high-speed service using your ADSL connection. Down time is practically unheard of with ADSL high-speed Internet. Fast, efficient, and very reliable, Largo Internet service providers are making ADSL the forerunner in Internet access methods. Take advantage of ADSL's availability: Shop for gifts online from local Largo stores while listening online to the best sounds from 91.9, 91.1and 91.9. ADSL high-speed Internet access makes it possible!

Largo ADSL - Convenience

  • What could be more convenient than having dedicated access to the Internet, 24 hours a day? In addition to Internet access, ADSL provides both video-on-demand and LAN access. In interactive mode, ADSL can transmit more than 645 Kbps (kilobits per second) in both directions. Largo residents can enjoy multimedia files (full motion video), read up on local current events with online access to The Ledger and find out the latest scores of University of Central Florida, Orlando Magic and Jacksonville Jaguars, while keeping the telephone lines open at the same time!

Largo ADSL - Connection

  • ADSL installation is easy and virtually maintenance-free. With its smart dual-stream design, ADSL takes advantage of the low upstream data rate required by most of Florida's users and devotes the lion's share of the bandwidth to downstream data. This access method provides fast browsing, safe shopping, and clean connections. With ADSL high-speed Internet available all over the state of Florida, local Largo residents can learn current events throughout Pinellas County Co. (, the city of Largo (, and the state of Florida (

Check if ADSL High-Speed Internet is available in your area.

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Confused about all the new terminology?

fiber-to-the-curb (FTTC) - The deployment of fiber optic cable from a central office to a platform serving numerous homes. The home is linked to this platform with coaxial cable or twisted pair (copper wire). Each fiber carries signals for more than one residence, lowering the cost of installing the network versus fiber to the home.

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