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Alltel Introduces Alltel

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Alltel is a customer-oriented telecommunications company with more than 12 million clients and almost $8 billion in annual revenues. Alltel provides wireless, local telephone, long-distance, Internet and high speed data services to residential and business customers in 26 states.

Alltel is now offering Alltel and DSL high speed Internet service to residents and businesses. Check the availability for Alltel now!. Alltel delivers an Internet connection which is

  • Fast - Nearly 50 times faster than dial-up access
  • Flexible - share one connection among as many PCs as you like
  • Reliable - uninterrupted uploading and downloading of files
  • Besides, customers can also access the Internet and talk on the telephone or send fax simultaneously

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Confused about all the new terminology?

G.dmt - A kind of asymmetric DSL technology, based on DMT modulation, that offers up to 8 megabits per second downstream bandwidth, 1.544 Megabits per second upstream bandwidth. "G.dmt" is actually a nickname for the standard officially known as ITU-T Recommendation G.992.1. (See International Telecommunications Union.)

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