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Alltel DSL Internet Access Information for Lexington, Kentucky

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Alltel provides DSL Internet in Lexington, Kentucky, a city often associated with the Lexington State University, Lexington Browns, Lexington Cavaliers, Lexington Indians and Lexington Rockers. If you are considering signing up for Alltel high speed DSL Internet access , or if you're simply comparing the DSL Internet Services and DSL access rates in the Lexington area, the following DSL information will help you to make a sound decision in terms of which DSL Internet Access plan to sign up for in Lexington.

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What is ALLTEL Lexington DSL Internet Access?

The DSL in DSL Internet Access is short for Digital Subscriber Line, a form of high speed broadband Internet access that's fast becoming hugely popular in City and across Kentucky - with both business and residential Internet users alike.

Although DSL Internet Access is significantly more reliable - and faster - than conventional Dial-up Internet lines, it is as fast as cable Internet access.

ALLTEL Lexington - Benefits of DSL Internet Access

With the exception Cable Internet Access, broadband DSL Internet access is the second-most common form of Internet access in the America.

One of the primary benefits of Alltel DSL Internet access is the fact that you can easily download very large files such as music or videos - something that would not be possible if you were using a Dial-up Internet connection in Lexington. With Alltel DSL access, you can also stream online television or radio via your computer.

Thanks to the high speed performance of DSL Internet, your downloading time is reduced from hours to mere minutes, depending on the file size of the item you are downloading and the location you are downloading it from. If the Internet location hosting the material you are downloading is not on a high speed Internet connection, you may still find that downloading to your local machine can take some time.

DSL Internet gives you access to the Internet via your normal phone line - which means that you won't need to get install a second phone line, as DSL Internet access and a normal phone conversation can take place concurrently. As an added bonus, many high speed DSL Internet access service packages come with a free DSL modem, so you won't need to buy one in order to get an Internet Connection in Lexington - or anywhere else in Kentucky!

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transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) - A method of packet-switched data transmission used on the Internet. The protocol specifies the manner in which a signal is divided into parts, as well as the manner in which "address" information is added to each packet to ensure that it reaches its destination and can be reassembled into the original message.

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