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Alltel Introduces DSL Internet in Mississippi

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Alltel, Mississippi, is a customer-oriented telecommunications company with more than 12 million clients and almost $8 billion in annual revenues. Alltel provides wireless, local telephone, long-distance, Internet and high speed data services to residential and business customers in 26 states.

Alltel is now offering DSL high speed Internet service to residents and businesses in Mississippi. Check the availability for Alltel High Speed Internet now! . Alltel DSL service delivers an Internet connection which is

  • Fast - Nearly 50 times faster than dial-up access
  • Flexible - share one connection among as many PCs as you like
  • Reliable - uninterrupted uploading and downloading of files
  • Besides, customers can also access the Internet and talk on the telephone or send fax simultaneously

Mississippi Alltel DSL Internet Plans

Alltel offers a good selection of internet service plans for DSL service, including DSL Lite, with data speeds up to 256 kilobits per second - four times faster than a standard 56k dial-up connection. Subscribers can combine limitless Internet service from Alltel with a DSL Lite connection for $19.95 a month, for the first three months, a lower price than many high-speed connections.

In addition to DSL, Alltel offers a home networking alternative that allows customers to access the service anywhere in their homes using wireless routers and network cards. Customers can also share the connection with multiple computers without any supplementary wiring or cables.

Customers who subscribe to a one-year deal for Alltel DSL service will get a free modem. The modem will be brought to customers complete with the hardware and software needed for self-installation of your service.

Customers can call toll free at 1-888-925-5835 to get more details about Alltel's Internet services or concerning specific DSL coverage areas.

Or you can click here to check if the Alltel DSL Internet is available in Mississippi

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