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Atlantic Broadband

Atlantic Broadband is a relatively young company based in Quincy, Massachusetts. It was founded in March 2003 by a partnership of David Keefe and Edward Holleran - two long-serving cable industry players. Together with ABRY Partners, the pair gave the company a real jump-start into business when a $765 million acquisition of the cable unit from Charter Communications was completed in March 2004. As a result of that as well as superior management and forward-thinking strategy of the company's executives, Atlantic Broadband is now ranked among top 20 cable operators in the United States.

Atlantic's Business Highlights

The company currently has over 250,000 subscribers in the locations it serves. More than 500 specialists are employed by the company. Experienced professionals in their respective fields have helped Atlantic Broadband achieve a healthy growth rate from the day the company was founded. Atlantic Broadband focuses on two service segments - digital cable and high speed broadband internet. The company offers various service bundles to suit the needs of every customer. Three service solutions are available to choose from for high speed internet subscribers: Starter, Preferred, and Max Service. The customers can choose the performance-price combination that best suits their individual needs.

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