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AT&T - Cutting Edge High Speed Internet

AT&T - the most powerful name in telecommunications. Isn't this the name you want fueling your high speed internet?

AT&T dial-up and DSL services boast the most powerful and exciting features in internet connectivity.

AT&T's advanced global backbone network, combined with feature-rich internet experience, explains why AT&T is the choice of nearly 8 million American homes and businesses.

Why AT&T?

  • Ranked #1 on Fortune 500's list of world's most admired and successful companies
  • The largest telecommunications company in the U.S.
  • 7.8 million DSL subscribers
  • Extensive WI-FI network throughout the United States

AT&T plans

Find Out If You Qualify!

To enjoy high speed internet from AT&T, you must have qualifying service from AT&T at the time of your order. You'll also need a DSL modem, gateway, or router.

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Find out if you qualify for high speed DSL from AT&T, the Nation's largest telecommunications partnership by filling out the form on this page.

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About AT&T

Both AT&T is a leading force in the IT technology and telecommunications. AT&T is the largest telecommunications company in the United s serving the internet access for about 7.8 million DSL subscribers. The company is the number 1 provider of local and long-distance calls in the U.S. together with extensive WI-FI network throughout the United States. It was also ranked as #1 company on the Fortune 500 list which names world's most admired and successful companies.

With its one of the most advanced global backbone networks transferring up to 5.4 petabytes of traffic on a daily basis, AT&T is sure to provide the most reliable DSL Internet service to its customers!

Alliance of Leaders: AT&T

Since its beginning in 1994, AT&T has grown to become one of the most important companies in online technology! What began as a small company providing an internet search platform is now the world's largest global online network of integrated internet services. AT&T offers some of the most advanced and exciting technologies to help you work, communicate, advertise your business, and enjoy entertainment at home or on the go.

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