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About Bresnan Communications

Bresnan Communications is a broadband telecommunications company, founded in 1984. Consistent with the company's strategic goals, Bresnan stands in the forefront of development in technology and advanced services enhanced by first-rate customer service to small and mid-sized markets. As America's thirteenth largest Multiple Systems Operator, Bresnan currently serves over 300,000 customers. Bresnan was also known as an international company with its affiliates in Chile and Poland. Today, Bresnan provides highly developed products and services such as high-speed Internet access, high-definition television, video-on-demand, digital video recorder, and telephone to residential and business customers across an improved fiber-optic coaxial network. Over years, Bresnan Communications has accumulated immense experience implementing various technological solutions for telecommunications market including advanced fiber optics, traditional coaxial cable, twisted-pair copper telephone wire, and wireless services. Bresnan has a long-established reputation for quality and reliability of its broadband systems.

Bresnan's Management

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bresnan Communications and a cable industry innovator with more than 40 years experience in the industry, William J. Bresnan is a prominent supporter of technological progress in the field of broadband telecommunications. A prominent member of the Cable Television Hall of Fame and the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, William J. Bresnan is the beneficiary of many awards and honors such as the Walter Kaitz Foundation's prestigious Partnership in Diversity Award giving him credit for his "leadership, generosity, talent and integrity." Bresnan's managerial team possesses a demonstrated grasp of fundamental strategies in finance, engineering, and development and operations of broadband systems.

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