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Bresnan Introduces High-Speed Data Services

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These days millions of Americans are switching to high-speed internet alternatives. Internet Usage and Population Statistics for North America reveal that during the span of five years (2000-2005) the number of Americans using internet services has doubled.

According to 2005 Internet Usage Statistics Worldwide, America is the unrivalled leader of internet usage with 203,824,428 subscribers.

The Internet has become one of the most important mediums for daily communication, entertainment, business, learning, and exchange of data and information.

Consistent with its strategic goals, Bresnan introduces leading-edge high-speed internet technology to meet ever increasing demands of its growing customer base across America. Bresnan provides High Speed Cable, DSL, and Broadband Internet services for residential consumers and mid-size business customers.

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Bresnan Technological Improvements

Bresnan high-speed Internet installation utilizes the company's improved fiber and coaxial cable network to offer the fastest, the most reliable Internet access available.

Bresnan state-of-the-art telecommunications network delivers information, education and entertainment from the Internet at speeds dramatically faster than dial-up.

Not only home subscribers will now enjoy significantly increased browsing speed, but also will feel a striking increase in download speed, allowing them to instantaneously view a broad range of informational and entertainment materials including graphics-rich content and streaming audio and video clips.

  • No phone line is required for the service
  • No busy signals and no service interruptions
  • Maintain a 24-hour connection to the Internet

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