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The Cable Modem Advantage

Despite initial criticisms, the cable television industry found a very comfortable niche in the Internet market by providing both business and personal customers high-speed Internet access through the use of a cable modem. Unlike dialup modems or basic-rate ISDN terminal adapters, a cable modem transmits and receives data at far more impressive speeds. This is a major selling point to tens of millions of users who, past studies indicate, so desperately wanted access to multimedia communications that they were willing at one time to deal with exceedingly slow dialup modems. Cable modems offer businesses a distinct advantage by enabling employees to telecommute and also by providing users with bandwidth sufficient to enjoy high-quality streaming audio and video. And the cost to subscribers compares favorably with today's significantly slower dial-up services

History of the Cable Modem

In June of 1948 John Walson, a Pennsylvania appliance store owner, placed an antenna on top of a nearby mountain in order to receive broadcast television transmissions. Disheartened by inferior reception from Philadelphia broadcast television stations, Walson fashioned a twin-lead wire running from the antenna to his shop. Walson's television sets began selling like hotcakes as customers soon discovered previously snowy broadcast reception had much improved clarity though the use of Walson's new signal transmitter. Soon afterward, Walson improved the television picture quality even further by utilizing coaxial cable and amplifiers, and "Community Antenna Television" (CATV) was born, soon to be delivered to the homes of his customers. It is from these meager beginnings that cable Internet access came about, by providing customers the ability to use the cable television companies' "leftover" bandwidth in order to gain fast and expedient access to the Internet. Today millions of consumers enjoy the benefits of having a cable modem for all of their personal and professional Internet needs.

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