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More Than 13 Years of Expertise in Telecommunications.

CHARTER offers its customers the broadband service that many customers have trusted over the years. Founded in 1993 as the cable television operator and provider, CHARTER has grown into FORTUNE 500 Company that is always committed to provide high-quality service for its customers at a fair price. The broadband service was recently updated in order to provide the customers with even better services and products.

CHARTER Products and Services for Local People.

With CHARTER products and services available nationwide the company's work philosophy stresses the importance of responding to local people's needs throughout the US with the help of local management. The five divisions of CHARTER focus on the specific regions in the US, quickly responding to customers' inquiries and/or complaints maintaining the customer satisfaction the top priority. CHARTER'S advanced network infrastructure was also built by the people living near you. With almost 15,500 employees working across the country it is possible to respond to any support requests whatever they might come from even the same day.

CHARTER also supports local communities through charitable organizations. Because of the outstanding network infrastructure CHARTER is able to offer broadband solutions for local schools and virtually every house in the United States with services that provides both great speed, reliability and a fair price at the same time for educational or entertainment purposes through the digital media.

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G.dmt - A kind of asymmetric DSL technology, based on DMT modulation, that offers up to 8 megabits per second downstream bandwidth, 1.544 Megabits per second upstream bandwidth. "G.dmt" is actually a nickname for the standard officially known as ITU-T Recommendation G.992.1. (See International Telecommunications Union.)

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