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Founded in 1963, Comcast has developed from a single system cable business into one of the world's top communications companies, specialized in broadband cable, commerce and content.

Comcast Cable is America's largest supplier of cable services, and is increasing its cable operations to deliver digital services, provide faster Internet and IP-enabled phone service, as well as develop and deliver novel programming.

Comcast is now offering a variety of discounted plans on high speed internet services.

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Comcast Features

  • Comcast - Blazing Speeds: Download speeds up to 70 times faster than 56K dial-up.
  • Comcast - A Stable Connection: You're always on and constantly connected - with no busy signals, no waiting, and no hassles.
  • Comcast - Email: Access your email from any computer, anywhere in the world, through You get up to 7 email accounts - one for everyone in the family.
  • Comcast - Home Networking: Your entire family can now browse the Internet via a single connectivity! Comcast Home Networking lets you connect up to five Internet-ready devices, such as personal computers and gaming devices, through a single cable connection.
  • Comcast - Personal Web Pages: The Comcast web wizard makes it easy to make your own home page so you can share the latest family news, post photos, or even post your resume online.
  • Comcast - Hosting: You get a total of 175MB of online storage that you can use to store and access your important files - music, graphics, spreadsheets - from any computer with an Internet connection.

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