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Verizon dsl

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Verizon dsl is the leading provider of telecommunications services. Verizon dsl is realigning itself in two important areas, wireless and broadband.

The company provides local and long distance telephone service to residential customers and businesses.

Verizon dsl also provides high-speed Internet access via DSL lines and DirecTV. Verizon dsl subscribers enjoy many customer benefits and valuable internet features such high speed, security, and reliability.

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Verizon dsl Benefits

With Verizon dsl, you can talk and surf at the same time, and enjoy many premium features. Click here to check if you qualify for Verizon dsl

Verizon dsl Speed

Surf the Internet and download files, photos, and music with downstream speeds up to 6 Mbps.

Integrated Verizon dsl Features for Security and Fun

  • Verizon dsl Pop-Up Catcher for reducing annoying pop-up ads
  • Verizon dsl Parental Controls for customizing your children's access
  • Verizon dsl MailGuard for protecting your e-mail

Personal Web page space for expressing yourself

With Verizon dsl, No More Dial-up Hassles

With Verizon dsl, you'll enjoy:

  • Connecting to the Internet instantly, without dial-up delays
  • The ability to talk and surf on the same line at the same time

Great Verizon dsl value at Competitive Prices

Enjoy simple, flat-rate pricing every month.

Verizon dsl Reliability and Customer Service

Our professional customer service team is available to assist you 24x7 by phone or online chat. Additionally, Verizon dsl provides online tools, tips, and help at their official website.

Verizon dsl is Now Available

Verizon dsl is now available in your area. Simply complete the availability form to check if you qualify for Verizon dsl. Order and receive:

  • $75 cash back on select speeds.
  • Free modem after rebate with 12-month commitment ($75 value).
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