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Attention, Boise Internet Service Providers Offer Great Deals on DSL!

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All of Ada County Co. can enjoy DSL High Speed Internet for a fraction of the cost!

Pay less than $.70 a day for DSL or Cable and under $2.00 a day for Satellite!

What is Boise, Idaho, Broadband DSL?

Broadband DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a form of high speed Internet access. DSL works by transmitting data through an unused line of intertwined cables that connect you with your phone company's central office. An electronic filter separates voice and data frequencies, eliminating the need for additional phone lines so you can talk on the phone at the same time you're using the Internet.

Serving a population of over 185,787, DSL high speed Internet service providers are giving Idaho a chance to get online fast! See for yourself how easy it is to stay connected with friends, family, and your favorite Boise happenings by using Idaho DSL high speed internet services.

Boise, Idaho, Broadband DSL - Fast Speeds

Say goodbye to dial-up forever. Connect, upload, and download instantly, send multi-media files, use several Internet connections, play online, interactive games, watch video feeds live from KTVB and KAID and use file sharing applications with your new broadband DSL high speed Internet connection.

Boise, Idaho, Broadband DSL - Reliability

Broadband DSL is extremely reliable. Running circles around dial-up, DSL high speed Internet connection is constantly in a state of "ready" - allowing you to enjoy the Web whenever you want. Service interruptions are practically unheard of with DSL high speed Internet connectivity. Plus, DSL high speed Internet never weakens in Web traffic jams. Instead, use your DSL high speed Internet to listen online to the best Boise radio stations, such as 105.1, 90.3 and 92.3.