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Montana DSL offers fast, reliable high-speed Internet access for customers all over the state. For Montana, DSL is an always-on Internet connection that's up to 50 times faster than modem technology. Serving residential Montana customers, business owners, educational facilities, and other Montana organizations, DSL offers both high-speed Internet connection and cost-effective online access 24 hours a day. E-business and commerce transactions can be processed in an instant with a DSL connection. In addition, web sites load much faster with DSL, including those with technical graphic and multimedia content, so your wait time is lessened significantly.

And with DSL, you have the advantage of being perpetually connected to the Internet. Just click on your web browser icon and you're there in an instant! You can also specify your email program to automatically download your mail so it's right there at your fingertips.

Montana DSL, a form of digital subscriber line, utilizes existing copper telephone lines to transmit more data at faster speeds. Popular for Montana home network use, DSL provides online connectivity with convenience and reliability. Ease of installation and virtually maintenance-free operations give DSL the solid reputation it currently enjoys. One of the significant advantages of having a DSL connection is that it is capable of transmitting voice and data simultaneously. Talk on the phone, send a fax and browse the Internet while using a single phone line.

Montana DSL, commonly used for back-and-forth transmission of files, including uploads, downloads, images, and so much more, significantly reduces the time it takes to transmit these files, thus enabling dependable connections and hassle-free high-speed Web access for Montana residents. > To check if DSL access is available in your area fill out our brief online availability form

Montana DSL - Stop Competing for Bandwidth

Montana DSL service is known for its multi-user capability. With DSL, you won't be competing with your neighbors for valuable bandwidth. Why wait in line for the Internet when you don't have to? For both at-home workers and those who work outside the home, Montana DSL provides unlimited access for email, file transfers, multi-media, image placement, and much more!

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Faster

Montana DSL high-speed Internet connections are a leap over modem speed and surpasses dialup connection by a landslide. The advantages, of course, are that you'll be spending less time waiting for media files and pages to download, email to arrive, and for graphics and pictures to appear, and more time attending to other, more pressing, needs. Even if you just enjoy surfing the web, you'll be thrilled at how easy DSL is for Montana customers.

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twisted pair - The set of two copper wires used to connect a telephone customer with a switching office, loosely wrapped around each other to minimize interference from other twisted pairs in the same bundle.  Synonymous with 2-wire line.

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