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EarthLink, America's Leading ISP

As America's leading ISP, EarthLink is aiming to bridge the gap between dial-up users and high-speed Internet access. Formerly known as EarthLink Network, the company serves more than 5 million consumer and small-business customers. In an endeavor to provide customers with faster, better services, EarthLink offers premium broadband access to more than 1.5 million of its subscribers. EarthLink also focuses on Web hosting and advertising which makes a significant share of revenue. The company has recently increased its product range by offering additional wireless broadband solutions and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephone services (trademarked EarthLink trueVoice), allowing customers to make and receive local and long-distance calls.

EarthLink's Business Highlights

Following the company's strategic objectives to become a total communications provider, EarthLink keeps on developing its Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and municipal Wi-Fi initiatives. EarthLink continues the marketing of its DSL and Home Phone Service using Covad's line-powered voice access. This inventive solution allows customers to sign up for a package of local and long distance phone services and 8.0 mbps high-speed Internet access using their existing phones, wiring and computer equipment. Like traditional phone service, EarthLink's voice services will operate during a power outage, support improved 911 calling and offer customizable calling features. Additionally, EarthLink has recently invested $50.0 million in Covad to finance the network build-out of DSL and Home Phone Service access.

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