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Earthlink internet service

Earthlink Internet Service promo
Qualify for Earthlink Internet Service in a matter of seconds

No more waiting! Get going - instantly!

EarthLink High Speed offers you instant access - round the clock. Forget about frustrations caused by busy line signals and low-speed internet! Now you can get even more things done fast and on time!

EarthLink optional Home Networking Service lets you share one high-speed connection with all home PCs. No more fighting over one PC - all of your family can now go online at the same time, and surf at exceptional speeds.

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Reasons for Choosing Earthlink internet service!

What Makes EarthLink High Speed the Smart Choice for DSL?

  • Prize-Winning Service - EarthLink DSL received PC Magazine's Readers' Choice Award in 2005.
  • Exceptional Speed - Instant access that frees up your phone line; speeds up to 4x faster than regular DSL, that's 6.0 Mbps (regular DSL = 1.5 Mbps)
  • FREE Computer Protection - AntiVirus, Spyware Blocker and Firewall software help safeguard your PC against viruses, spyware and hackers hacking into your private PCs!
  • Great Value - Offers start as low as $12.95/mo. for 6 months, with FREE equipment and activation; all plans also offer 20 hours of free dial-up access a month.
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Confused about all the new terminology?

sdsl Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line - This technology provides the same bandwidth in both directions, upstream and downstream. That means whether you're uploading or downloading information, you have the same high-quality performance. SDSL provides transmission speeds within a T1/E1 range, of up to 1.5 Mbps at a maximum range of 12,000 18,000 feet from a central office, over a single-pair copper wire. This option is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that have an equal need to download and upload data over the Internet.

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