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Comparing Different Types of Internet Access

Small and medium sized businesses and organizations face many difficult decisions when it comes to determining their exact Internet access needs.

Not only do they need to establish what their business organization's Internet access needs are, but they also need to choose technology that is flexible to evolve with their business. What works for one company may also not work for another.

Key considerations for choosing the right business Internet access plan include the type of network that is currently being used, the number of Internet users - and future users - as well as type of work that it is required for. Budget can also play a significant role!
Browse the below to compare different types of Internet technologies; it'll help you to get an idea of which the most popular types of Internet technologies would be most suitable for your company. If you have any more queries, you could also check out our FAQs about DSL.

Dial-up Internet vs. DSL
ADSL Internet vs. SDSL
DSL vs T-1 Internet
ISDN vs. DSL Internet
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Confused about all the new terminology?

packet-switched network - A network that allows a message to be broken into small "packets" of data that are sent separately by a source to the destination. The packets may travel different paths and arrive at different times, with the destination sites reassembling them into the original message. Packet switching is used in most computer networks because it allows a very large amount of information to be transmitted through a limited bandwidth.

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