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The Internet for Field Guides - 10 Tips Guides Can't Miss

Today tourism has become one of the fastest developing business industries in the world. The Internet has contributed to the proliferation of the tourism industry a great deal.. Many travel agencies are simply overcrowded with people looking for travel, ticket booking, and pricing information. Travel guides are the people who are ready to help their customers. The guide has to prepare for each trip individually by collecting interesting facts about each country.

Guides are particularly seeking detailed information about museums and monuments that are significant for a particular country and interesting for travelers. Looking for information they would have to buy tons of expensive books and magazines. For this reason high speed Internet access plays an important role in the guide's job. Online tourism resources are usually free or low cost.

1. Country Information

There is no need to purchase tons of books or sit for hours in a library searching for information about a country. The Internet has granted access to official websites of each country. The information is easily downloadable. Guides can share it their travel groups. For instance, visit to learn more about New Zealand or to plan your trip to the exotic fantasy island of Trinidad and Tobago

2. Customs and Border

Why call customs and waste your money and time by looking for an officer that can provide accurate information on baggage, declarations, and forms. Instead of standing at the border together with your travel group, you can download all these necessary forms from the Internet and complete them ahead of time.

3. Plan Your Trip Ahead

Find information about tricky crossings and passages that are difficult to find in books. Download current road, site, and city maps to find information on construction works that cause a great deal of hassle for travelers. The maps from the Internet allow you to avoid unexpected rush hours or construction works and display all local routes that travelers might enjoy. Start planning your trip now, visit,,

4. Guide Lessons Online

Whether you're a beginner or an expert field guide you always have an opportunity to improve your knowledge. There are thousands of guide lessons on the Internet on how to behave in standard or non-standard situations that can be unexpected on the trips. If you are a beginner, you will always get new information to become an expert. If you are an expert in the field of tourism, you have a chance to teach other guides by sharing your knowledge on the Internet.

5. Personal Website

Your personal website would be a credible source for other guides to find information on new roads, tours, and interesting places to visit. Additionally, you would be able to share your personal experience and stories with other guides.

6. Ordering Tickets

High Speed Internet technologies save your time when you are responsible for ordering or canceling tickets in advance for museums, ferries, and expeditions. When the tickets are ordered, you simply go to a nearby ticket office and take them with you! Visit to get your personalized trip advice.

7. Pictures

Do you want to keep your tourists engaged? Of course, you want them to enjoy every moment of their trip? You want your clients to get a greater interest in the trip? Download pictures from the Internet to your computer and present them via a TV screen during the trip. All tourism sites contain pictures along with useful information to read.

8. Bookings and Reservations

Make your hotel bookings online. You will save your energy, time and money. If you have a larger tourist group you'll get discounts. Start your bookings now, visit to find out what your choices are

9. Books, Magazines, and Newspapers

There are many sightseeing spots that are not listed on the Web but there are special travel books, magazines, periodicals that you can subscribe to online. You can choose to receive a hard copy or read them through your paid account. Most of the valuable literature on traveling isn't distributed freely.

10. Instant Messaging

You got acquainted with many people from different countries. You are eager to share your diverse cultural experiences? You found them interesting to you? Sure you want to keep in touch with them. Why not to talk over instant messengers? There's a whole bunch of them online. Chat, share, have fun with voice and video conferencing. Stay connected with people you care about

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