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The Web for Sports - 10 Web Resources True Sports Fans Can't Live Without

Who's going to give me a definition of a true sports fan? A person attending games or watching them on TV won't work. I'm talking about the true passion, enthusiasm, and devotion for sports. The Internet has come very handy for all kinds of fans, teams, and athletes of different sports offering them resources they couldn't live without.

1. News and Results

Check out on these mega sites for the comprehensive sports coverage and complete sports information including NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football, College Basketball scores and news. Visit,,

2. Stay Fit

"Exercise and eat right" that's what the Soloflex says. The Soloflex website suggests tips, advice, and videos that show visitors some useful exercises. Click this cool website for best ways to stay fit

3. Take Care of Your Footwear

If you're into basketball you know that your sneakers may have a crucial effect on your jumping and dunking abilities. In this regard the Reebok and Nike websites have really got something to offer. These are the highly interactive and flashy web stores to make you a happy customer. Visit to pick up your footwear

4. Get Geared Up For Tennis!

How about a tennis set this weekend? This excellent online tennis store will help you get ready for the game of tennis. Prince's O3 Technology has revolutionized the game of tennis. Visit their site to find out why.

5. The Glory of the Past

If you fancy classic sports apparel these are the sites you should visit. Purveyors of fine sporting goods, gifts, and apparel since 1904. Featuring M&N's throwback jerseys from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

6. Watch Live Games - Get Highlights

With Internet speed rates soaring through the roof interactive online sports TVs have become ever more popular. CSTV or NBA TV offer live high quality college or NBA games.

7. Social Networking Community for Sports Fans, Teams, and Athletes.

This website will definitely help you find your sporty soul-mate. And if you have one already it'll be a new kind of social networking for you and other sports fans, teams, and athletes.

8. Dress for Success

Another sporting goods and apparel store on the Internet. For orders valued at $70 or more customers get free shipping. On the site you'll find a wish-list option. So, if something you want is not there, you can let vendors know about it. And they'll work something out for you.

9. Sports Pool Hosting

This website offers you to invite up to 500 friends to participate in your private and customizable college football bowl pool website with your own personal address. Visit

10. Let Others Know What You Feel about that Game Yesterday unite sports bloggers from around the globe. If you like writing or reading sports stories this website is for you. Express your thoughts and feelings about that game you saw yesterday. The site also features links to specialized sports blog sites including,

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