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The Top 10 Things that Average Web Users Do Online

We all know that Internet technologies have done great things for us. What's exactly about the Internet that makes it so widespread? To find answers I invite you on a tour to explore the top 10 reasons why typical home users in America and Canada surf the Internet. The findings are based on recent studies conducted in America and Canada.

1. Email

Home web users rank email service as their top reason for the use of Internet. 91% of home users report using the Web because it provides email service. The email service is free and convenient! It takes only a few clicks to send or receive a message. Today's electronic mail services are stuffed with tons of functional features. Since the proliferation of the Internet back in 90's people are still in love with email. Because it's fast, easy, and free! Major email service providers are,, You also get free email accounts from your ISP upon subscription.

2. General Browsing

The Internet is increasingly a place where Americans and Canadians just hang out. The second reason home surfers report to use the Internet is general browsing. Browsing is a form of killing time, an escape from boredom. There's content for any taste - news, books, games, social networking, blogs, multimedia, gambling, adult content etc. I sometimes wonder if there is something I won't be able to find on the web.

3. Weather or Road Conditions

As our planet's climate change the weather becomes unpredictable. Harsh weather conditions make roads inaccessible or unusable. The Internet has become our weatherman. Just look at the amount of advertising placed on the weather sites. It's sure popular! Planning a trip is unthinkable without having the weather or road conditions checked first. This is why home users rate weather or road conditions very high for the use of the Internet. Some cool links,, Enter your zip code and you'll have a weather forecast for today

4. Travel Information or Making Travel Arrangements

Tourism industry heavily relies on Internet users. Today you can make all your travel arrangements online. Travel agents promote all major travel destinations online. Travelers have the convenience to know the place before going there. On the Web you can get reservations, airline tickets, insurance etc. The Internet has made travel arrangements quick and easy. All you have to do is to choose your holiday destination. Visit to book your tickets or for visa information and safety tips.

5. Access News and Sports

As reported by male home users sporting events and news is what drives them to use the Internet. You don't have to wait for your favorite TV sports program to know about the latest developments in the sports world. Instead you can attend the game or browse the Internet for information. Many sports sites feature live results. It means results are online as soon as they get scored. And that's not it! On the Internet you can watch your teams play live or at least get video feeds and game highlights. Visit for general sports news or click for NBA basketball, for baseball, for hockey.

6. Search for Medical or Health Related Information

American and Canadian home users prefer to use the Internet for medical or health related information and resources. Before you get to see a doctor, you can search the Internet for symptoms that you have. Sometimes doctors speak the language we don't understand. You can go to the library and research your ailment but it will save you time if you can do this at home by your pc. Topics like how to quit smoking or lose weight are very trendy on the Web. If you're interested visit

7. Electronic Banking

Electronic banking is yet another big time-saving feature that the Internet has. Why should you get lost in traffic trying to reach your bank? Online banking offers the same array of services as with the traditional banking. Check with your banker if you don't have your online banking account yet.

8. Window Shopping

Window shopping is big in America. There are millions of online retailers offering goods from souvenirs from ancient cultures to advance auto parts. And even if you don't really buy a thing visiting e-shops gives you an idea for the future purchases. You can compare prices and delivery terms and pick the best option. Online auctions are also very popular among home web users. Click and for auctions and biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers or for specialty e-shop listings

9. Pay Bills

Similarly to electronic banking paying bills online saves a great deal of time and spares from hassle. When you do your payments online service fees are waived so you save cash.

10. Search for Information about Governments

Home web surfers use the Internet to stay in touch with government and municipal institutions. On the internet you'll find information about city services, local taxes, new laws and regulation, and social developments. For entrepreneurs there's information on how to start business, judicial agencies, economic development etc. Every state, county, or city runs its official website. You'll get answers to your daily life issues in your hometown, state or county.

Our references:

A study done in America in 2006 by Pew Internet

A study done in Canada in 2005 by Canada's National Statistical Agency

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2006-11-08 - Mark
Thank you. This is great info!
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