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The 10 Reasons Why DJs Are So Internet Obsessed

In this article we'll set off to find out why DJs can't live and, more so, work without high speed Internet. Today's music trends are in pace with technological innovation and progress. The Internet has become the air DJs are breathing. Most professional and amateur DJs claim that the Internet search is the prime task for their job. But that's just a tip of the iceberg. So why can't a DJ live without high speed Internet? Read on to find the answers!

1. Samples, samples samples!

There are thousands of sites offering you free or paid samples. From folk to industrial, they're all out there. DJs often spice up their performance mixing in and out those wicked samples blending different styles. On the Web you can find unlimited numbers of bass, guitar, pad, keyboard, string, samples. Drum loops are also readily available. They make up an essential part of today's dance music. Visit,,


Besides mixing, remixing and handling of filter, flange, delay, reverb and other knobs the triumph of a DJ is measured by the tune choices. As one DJ told me he spends around a month searching the Internet for tunes to go with a 40 minute live set. As a DJ, you definitely have got to have something that makes crowds go nuts! Think of many parties you returned from. You would not recall the song names but sure you're going to remember that DJ boy or girl. You can buy music online from sites like or

3. Audio Software

If you're a beginner DJ you don't want to go LIVE. It takes training in your backyard. Your personal computer is a good place to start. On the web there's thousands of audio and midi software from basic recording to high advanced studio like music making available. So again, you have to go online and SEARCH. Some DJs want software for editing their mixes. Some DJs don't just play tunes of others. They make music of their own. Visit

4. Online Music Communities

We as human beings belong to certain communities all the time. But what do you do when your community is in another city or across the ocean? You go online! Online music fans and DJs communities are very common on the Web. They unite music fans from all over the world and provide platforms for discussion. People share ideas, thoughts, and problems over the Internet communities. Artists and DJs showcase their work to each other. As an unknown DJ you want to get feedback about your work. For community and forum listings visit

5. Personal Websites and Profiles

If you're serious about your job as a DJ you would want to establish your ultimate web presence. By the time you you'll hit the big time, people will work for you and run your site. But since you're not there yet you have to do it yourself. Your site is your marketing strategy! Advertise yourself on You'll find many famous DJs and artists there. Also visit well-known DJ sites including

6. News, Highlights, Comments, Blogs

Stay tuned to the upcoming events. One way to learn from pros is to listen them performing LIVE and have hell of a time partying. All major events, gigs, and concerns are promoted online. And after a major party or concert it's always interesting to read some critical reviews, articles. Visit for latest developments in the world of music

7. Internet Radio!

The most compelling thing about Internet radio stations is their focus. In your line of business focus is essential. Featured Internet radio stations offer good insights into the music. They play vibes that are never heard of. On the Internet radio, you may find tunes you would want to get hold of and add them to your playlist for tonight. Some cool Internet radio stations - ,

8. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

Get geared up for the 21st century wild parties! On the Internet you can fill your shopping cart from things like tiny needles to studio certified speakers, amps, mixers, FX machines etc. DJ toys are not cheap, though. Visit,

9. Instant Messaging

Discuss your musical efforts with friends, relatives, and family online. Send your remix. Receive a fellow DJ remix. Talk about your remixes! I bet tedious Monday night is a good time for chatting about music. Some of the main instant messengers are MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Gtalk.

10. It's All About Information, Communication, Business, and Entertainment!

The Internet is a pool of infinite opportunities regardless of what field you're into. It keeps us in touch, gives us information. On the Internet we buy and sell things as well as we have lots of fun

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2007-08-03 - crate kings
very good list.. great coverage of the audio software
2007-04-15 - Sam
ive been listening to for a while now and if it wasn't for that site i would not know what are the big club tunes in south florida.
2007-02-28 - poposki
wery goog thing BIG hellooooooooooooooo From MACEDONIA
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