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Frame Relay, Cheap and Effective

Modern LANs and other IT technology have the capacity to run at much higher rates and carry very large chunks of data. With the multiplicity and complexity of today's networking, management may be an enormous task if you don't have the right equipment.

Frame Relay Service is a relatively new wide area networking method. It is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. Frame Relay is a telecommunication service created for cheap data transfer for traffic between local area networks (LANs) and between end-points in a wide area network (WAN).

How Does Frame Relay Function?

Frame Relay places data in variable-size units called "frames" and leaves any necessary error-correction (such as re-transmission of data) up to the end-points. This speeds up overall data transfer.

For most services, the network supplies a permanent virtual circuit (PVC), which implies that the customer benefits from a continuous, dedicated connection without having to pay for a permanent leased line, while the Frame Relay Service Provider sorts out the path each frame voyages to its target and can charge based on usage.

Advantages of Frame Relay

Frame Relay Networks are broadly supported, well understood, and easily put into operation. Frame relay is cheap. Frame Relay features a fast way of data transmission within and outside your computer networks. Frame Relay Service is robust and reliable.

With Frame Relay you can get the most of your internet by running various internet-based applications. It's the best choice for companies with high networking requirements. Access speed is available at:

  • 56 Kbps
  • 384 Kbps
  • 1.544 Mbps
  • 6 Mbps
  • 22 Mbps
  • 45 Mbps

Additional Frame Relay Service Features

  • Security. Frame Relay Technology sets up routes across the network, referred to as Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs). These PVCs are assigned exclusively to your traffic and are not shared by other users, making them intrinsically protected.
  • Monitoring. You can monitor your network performance for yourself with special concurrent performance tools and usage statistics. Web-based statistics let you monitor traffic patterns so you can avoid jamming and blockages.
  • Flexibility. Frame Relay Network is among the most reliable on the market with several routes made ready for data. The network automatically reroutes around any disruption ensuring high levels of availability.

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