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Dial-up vs. DSL Internet connection

The appearance of dial-up internet enabled to communicate, share, and transfer information from any household or office to another subscriber. When Cable and DSL Internet entered the business world, it provided with ability to share and transfer large quantities of information more rapidly and this also helped to establish connections among business enterprises much faster. Considering the difference between Dial-up Internet and High Speed Telecommunications it simply means that High Speed is faster than Dial-up Internet. Dial-up's maximum theoretical speed is 56 kbit/s and it transfers data at about 40,000 bits a second and DSL is typically capable of transmitting 256 kbit/s. Any user having internet speed of 256 kbit/s is considered to be High Speed or broadband meaning that High Speed Internet transfers data at least 10 times faster than Dial-up Internet connection.

The Importance of High Speed Telecommunications

Although economists estimate that information technology had a significant effect on the rate of growth of economy, High Speed Telecommunications significantly accelerated the revolution of information technology. The demand of High Speed Telecommunications became essential to large business enterprises and small business companies that bring significant profit to their organizations. The investment into High Speed Telecommunication is obvious because Internet providers invest large amounts of money into development and improvement of Cable and DSL technologies that brings High Speed Internet access. Stable, fast, and reliable Internet connection ensures the operation of web sites, data flow, and communication needs that is necessary for business.

The Vision of High Speed Telecommunications

Although most of the investment comes into modernization of Cable and DSL Internet connection telecommunication companies put great efforts in developing fiber optics technologies. This is relatively new technology of transferring information through optical cables that can speed up to 50 million bits a second. This extremely High Speed Internet access is extremely expensive and can be affordable to large business enterprises and corporations, but the nearest future might show that this type of service can be affordable to most of the households as for instance Dial-up Internet nowadays.

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