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High Speed Telecommunications in Wyoming

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High speed telecommunications networks have enabled nearly 493,782 of Wyoming residents to access information on health care, do business with overseas partners, and develop their social networks.

Read below to find out why high speed telecommunications are crucial in this vibrant age of information.

What is Wyoming High Speed Telecommunications?

High Speed Telecommunications or High-speed Internet access or "broadband" enables subscribers to gain access to the Internet and Internet-related services at notably higher speeds than those available through "dial-up" Internet access services.

Also, with high speed telecommunications your phone line is free; there is no dialing involved and you do not wait for dialup servers to respond. This saves a significant amount of time in the rush hour of today's vibrant world.

FCC or the Federal Communications Commission commonly describes high speed telecommunications services as data transmission speeds at more than 200 kilobits per second (Kbps), or 200,000 bits per second, in at least one route: download (receiving data from the Internet to your pc) or upload (sending data from your pc to the Internet).

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Confused about all the new terminology?

sdsl Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line - This technology provides the same bandwidth in both directions, upstream and downstream. That means whether you're uploading or downloading information, you have the same high-quality performance. SDSL provides transmission speeds within a T1/E1 range, of up to 1.5 Mbps at a maximum range of 12,000 18,000 feet from a central office, over a single-pair copper wire. This option is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that have an equal need to download and upload data over the Internet.

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