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HughesNET, the New Service Brand

Hughes is increasing the array of services. Hughes offers to their customers further than 'broadband by satellite' with which DIRECWAY has become synonymous. The new HughesNET brand reinforces the Hughes' tradition of modernization and leadership in broadband networks. HughesNET emphasizes our expansion into new services for companies including managed network services, digital media, and improved network services, as well as Hughes' expansion in the consumer and small business market not only for Internet access, but with an extensive range of ISP services.

HughesNET Products and Services

HughesNET solutions and services are promoted directly by Hughes and its approved retailers and distributors across North America, Europe, India and Brazil. In all other regions of the world, Hughes products and services are available from an increasing family of value-added providers and resellers. Since the mid 1980's when Hughes first developed the VSAT, it has constantly been the world leader in providing companies, governments, and telecommunications operators with a growing range of sophisticated, satellite-based, private network solutions. These networks provide dynamic, robust transmission of data, voice, video and multimedia to nearly an unlimited number of sites over continent-wide areas covered by geostationary satellites. HughesNET is Hughes' global brand encompassing all broadband solutions and services from Hughes. Customers of HughesNET solutions and services include many of the world's leading companies, spanning a wide range of vertical sectors, as well as government and multi-national organizations and small businesses/consumers.

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