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About HughesNET Minnesota Satellite Internet

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hesNet Minnesota is a very secure, super fast, two-way High-Speed Satellite Internet Connection. Two-way technology allows High speed satellite internet data to be transferred and received from the internet via HughesNet's satellites.

This brand new technology spares you from waiting, slow phone lines, expensive ISDN lines, or cable companies.

The connection is always on and available. Forget about waiting for a file to download, with HughesNET Minnesota Satellite Internet Service it will now take just seconds - including web pages, MP3 music, email, attachments, and streaming video and audio.

HughesNET Minnesota Satellite Internet vs. Dial-up

Satellite Internet versus dial-up? There's no match for HughesNet's reliable satellite internet service.

Don't let low-speed dial-up delays or dropped connections irritate you. Switch to HughesNet's always-on satellite internet connection and surf at speeds up to 50 times higher than dial-up.

You and your family can gain instant access to high-speed Internet access simultaneously. The broadband connection plan rates will match any budget.

Explore and Discover, Communicate and Learn, Sell and Buy, Share and Receive Online-with download speeds of up to 2Mbps, you call the shots!

Compare plans, prices and sign up right online .

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Confused about all the new terminology?

packet-switched network - A network that allows a message to be broken into small "packets" of data that are sent separately by a source to the destination. The packets may travel different paths and arrive at different times, with the destination sites reassembling them into the original message. Packet switching is used in most computer networks because it allows a very large amount of information to be transmitted through a limited bandwidth.

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