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About Insight Communications

Insight Communications Company is among the top ten cable operators in the United States. The company bases its operations in mid-sized communities across America. One of the main advantages that Insight boasts is the ability to provide a complete package of entertainment services. The company operates a high capacity network thus enabling it to offer two levels of high speed broadband internet as well as other modern entertainment services such as high-definition television (HDTV), video on demand, voice telephony, and digital cable. The full range of entertainment and communication services creates great value for customers at competitive prices.

Insight Communications Dedicated to Quality

Customer satisfaction is what Insight Communications strives for. To achieve that the company applies various research methods to get feedback from customers. This allows Insight to understand the needs of its customers and be as flexible as possible to ensure full customer satisfaction. Customer care is based in areas where Insight services operate and that gives the company a great leap in the quality of service as local Insight employees are familiar with the specifics of their respective communities.

Insight Communications - A Recognized Leader

Astute management, constant investment in customer relations and quality of service, as well as technical expertise have won recognition for Insight Communications in the telecommunications market. In 2001, Insight Communications was named "2001 Cable Operator of the Year" by CableVision Magazine. The company was awarded the same accolade in 2003 by Communications Technology. The latest trophy came in 2004 when Insight Communications was named among the top four high speed Internet operators in the country based on a customer satisfaction survey by PC Magazine.

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