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Insight Bloomington High Speed Internet Growth

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Insight Bloomington high speed broadband internet access has been becoming more and more accessible during recent years. This has led to a rapid increase in the number of internet subscribers switching to broadband connections from dial-up modems. One of the main reasons for such a shift was the development of broadband cable internet technologies.

As of December 2005, almost every fifth American was a broadband internet access user. More than half of them were using broadband cable internet. The number has grown by nearly 30% compared to December 2004.

Why Do People Switch to Insight Bloomington Internet?

Insight Bloomington High Speed Internet allows for download, upload, and page loading times up to 50 times higher compared to a 56k modem. This is because a 56k modem uses a standard phone line that can transmit only one signal at a time.

Insight Bloomington High Speed Internet offers an always-on connection that does not require users to dial any numbers. Busy dial-up servers are a thing of the past. Simply open your browser window and surf!

Insight Bloomington High Speed Internetconnection does not take up the phone line. Going online won't mean disconnecting your phone anymore. You can be sure you won't miss any calls while browsing your favorite sites!

Insight Bloomington High Speed Internet gives you enough speed to connect more than one computer to the broadband connection. With Insight Bloomington High Speed Internet the whole family can go online.

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Confused about all the new terminology?

asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) - A method of data transportation whereby fixed length packets are sent over a switched network. The ability to ensure reliable delivery of packets at a high rate makes it suitable for carrying voice, video, and data.

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