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The number of high speed broadband internet subscribers has been growing rapidly during the last several years. There were 17 broadband internet access users for every 100 Americans as late as December 2005. This is a third more than a year before. Such growth rate was influenced by the rapid development of broadband cable internet technologies.

Cable television has been around for decades and the most recent surveys show that 68% of all American homes have access to cable television. High speed broadband cable internet technology is based on making the most of acoaxial cable coaxial cable used to bring cable television to your home. It can carry more than one signal at the same time thus allowing Insight Kentucky High Speed Internet to provide high speed broadband internet services in CAPITAL, Louisville, Lexington or anywhere you may live.

Insight Kentucky Internet Advantages

Insight Kentucky High Speed Internet lets you reach up to 50 times higher download, upload, and page loading time speeds than you could with a 56k modem. High speed broadband internet services are based on modern technologies that allow you experience breath-taking data transmission speeds!

Insight Kentucky High Speed Internet services are always on - no numbers to be dialed or call servers to connect to. You are online as soon as you turn your computer on!

Insight Kentucky High Speed Internetconnection keeps the phone line available - broadband internet technologies use alternative data transfer channels. When a modem makes you choose, broadband services spare you from inconvenience!

Insight Kentucky High Speed Internet service has enough capacity to allow multiple computers to be connected to the same line. Insight Kentucky High Speed Internet brings Internet to everyone in the family!

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