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Qwest Communications has long been America's leading telecommunication services provider. Communication services offered by Qwest include local residential high-speed internet, telephone services, business phone service, long distance phone service, and DSL. Today Qwest Communications offers fantastic deals on Qwest telecommunication services.

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Qwest Broadband - High Speed Internet You Can Afford

There is no way to describe the change from dialup to Qwest high speed internet or, as some people spell it, "Quest" internet. How can we describe a Qwest internet connection can be more than three hundred times faster? The change to Qwest broadband is like going from a tricycle to a Formula One racer.

We offer a range of high speed internet products, but even our lowest priced one is many times faster than dialup. You can blow through websites as fast as you can click with Qwest broadband. Not only that but some sites have so much content that high speed internet is becoming a necessity for web access.

What Can You Do With Qwest Internet?

There is more to great speed than downloading your email in a couple of seconds. Files that take hours or even days to download on dialup zip through in minutes on high speed internet. Use your Qwest broadband connection to view high-resolution digital pictures, software patches, or even download an entire game purchased online.

Qwest internet gives you access to streaming video. This goes beyond a few "monkey picking his nose" clips. Watch movies on demand over high speed internet with no buffering or jerking. You can even use your Qwest broadband connection to watch television programs streamed from the networks' own websites.

Thousands of internet radio stations are available over Qwest broadband. Listen to whatever music you want and download your favorites to you MP3 player. It's easy with Qwest internet.

High speed internet gives you an edge in online gaming. Your fast Qwest broadband connection means shorter lag and quicker response time. Your performance and scores will shoot up once you have a fast connection.

For many families, the best feature of Qwest internet is the fact it doesn't tie up the phone line. Your friends will appreciate not getting busy signals when they call. You won't have to get off the computer just because someone wants to make a call.

It's easy to see how much Qwest internet offers over dialup. And yet Qwest broadband is cheaper than many dialup plans out there, so why wait? Order now and get set up on your new fast connection right away.

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