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Qwest internet services

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Qwest Communications has long been America's leading telecommunication services provider. Communication services offered by Qwest include local residential high-speed internet, telephone services, business phone service, long distance phone service, and DSL. Today Qwest Communications offers fantastic deals on Qwest telecommunication services.

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Qwest internet services

You want two things from high speed internet: speed and reliability. Qwest internet services gives you that and more.

Qwest DSL provides an always-on internet connection that doesn't tie up your telephone, and provides it for a price that might amaze you.

You can surf and download faster with Qwest high speed internet. You can even download multiple files simultaneously because Qwest DSL receives information faster than sites can send it.

Improve Your Internet Experience

Qwest internet is fast, sure. But speed means more than just fast downloads. High speed internet actually makes the internet a better place.

If you use dialup then you probably have a download manager. You won't need it with Qwest DSL. Why would you when a file that used to take hours can now be downloadedi n a few minutes over Qwest high speed internet?

Maybe you've tried to go to the online video sites that are so popular, only to be frustrated as the videos just sat there saying "Buffering..." When they do start, they stutter and jump, then freeze to buffer some more.

Streaming video is a whole new experience under Qwest internet. Videos stream effortlessly and play in real time. You can even watch television programs over Qwest DSL, streamed right from the television networks.

Windows Live Improves Things Even More

Qwest high speed internet would be a bargain just for the speed and reliability it offers, but our customers get even more. All Qwest DSL subscribers get Windows Live for free.

Windows Live adds a full suite of security software to your Qwest internet connection. This includes a spyware blocker, firewall, parental controls, and more. But there is more to Windows Live than security features.

Qwest Mail and Live Messenger make it easy to communicate with your friends through Qwest DSL. Each member of the household can have separate email because every Qwest high speed internet account includes 10 email addresses. Live Messenger combined with the speed of Qwest internet means that chatting isn't just about text anymore. You can easily send pictures, videos, and files to people through the chat window.

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digital signal - A signal that takes on only two values, off or on, typically represented by "0" or "1." Digital signals require less power but (typically) more bandwidth than analog, and copies of digital signals can be made exactly like the original.

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