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Qwest Communications has long been America's leading telecommunication services provider. Communication services offered by Qwest include local residential high-speed internet, telephone services, business phone service, long distance phone service, and DSL. Today Qwest Communications offers fantastic deals on Qwest telecommunication services.

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Local Qwest Telephone Service Options

Everyone has local telephone service, but not everyone wants the same Qwest phone options. You can shop from several Qwest telephone packages and customize them to your needs. Get the plan that fits your life from the Qwest phone company.

Basic Qwest Telephone Service

Some of our customers don't want the advanced features of the other plans offered by the Qwest phone company. Maybe you do most of your calling on your wireless phone, or maybe you don't need features like Caller ID. If so, this is the Qwest telephone plan for you.

You still the get reliability and service you have come to expect from a Qwest telephone line. This Qwest telephone line can be used for local phone calls, fax transmission and receipt, or getting online through a dialup ISP.

Choice Home Qwest Telephone Service

We have found that most of our customers want more from their telephone service. This popular Qwest phone company package provides a few of the advanced features while keeping the monthly fee low.

On this Qwest phone company plan you can make unlimited local calls for one low monthly fee. In addition, you can choose three of our deluxe Qwest telephone features such as Voice Mail or Caller ID. You customize this plan by picking whatever additions fit your life.

Choice Home Plus Qwest Telephone Service

Our deluxe Quest telephone package is priced only a little higher than Choice Home service, but offers far more.

Qwest phone company customers who choose this plan still enjoy the unlimited local calling of Choice Home, but instead of only three they get ten of our advanced features. This offers Qwest telephone customers everything they could ask for in local telephone service.

Bundle With Other Services and Save

Including your Qwest phone service in a package of other services can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Add long distance telephone, satellite TV or, one of the most popular choices, high speed internet.

Get Qwest broadband this is over 25 times faster than a dialup connection with the added benefit that it keeps your phone line free. You get fast downloads, better online gaming and streaming video as well as a suite of free security software from the Qwest phone company.

Qwest DSL internet service, which some people mistakenly call "Quest DSL internet service" or "Qwest cable", provides a whole new internet experience for a low monthly fee, which is even lower if you bundle it with telephone service.

Subscribe to one of our low-priced packages and satisfy all your communication needs.

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