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Qwest Communications has long been America's leading telecommunication services provider. Communication services offered by Qwest include local residential high-speed internet, telephone services, business phone service, long distance phone service, and DSL. Today Qwest Communications offers fantastic deals on Qwest telecommunication services.

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Combine telephone, internet, and satellite television services into one package and pay much less than buying them separately. When you subscribe to a Qwest bundle you get more services for less money.

All of the Qwest bundles listed here include unlimited local telephone service and your choice of three of Qwest's premium options such as Voice Mail or Caller ID.

Unlimited Long Distance

Combine all your home telephone services into one Qwest bundle.

For a small monthly fee you get unlimited long distance service to any number in the United States. You aren't limited by minutes, calling time, days of the week or other limitations that interfere with your life. Call anywhere in the US and talk as long as you want.

This Qwest bundle saves you up to $60/year over buying the individual services.

Broadband Internet Service

This Qwest bundle gives you a blazingly fast high speed internet connection. You computer is connected to the internet as soon as you turn it on, so no frustrating dial-in waits. Qwest DSL is over twenty-five times faster than dialup. Enjoy streaming video, effortless browsing, and fast download from DSL Qwest bundles.

You get more than just fast, reliable internet access with our Qwest bundles. You will also get Windows Live for free!

Windows Live is the latest version of the popular MSN service. It provides an array of security features including a firewall, parental controls, virus scanner, and more to keep your computer safe from intruders. Windows Live offers more than security, adding services such as Live Messenger chat and a built-in web search engine.

Customers save over $200/year over buying services separately by subscribing to broadband Qwest bundles.

Digital Satellite Television

Are you ready for the digital television conversion? With DirecTV you will be.

This package offers the most service and the most savings of any of the Qwest bundles. If offers the telephone and high speed internet connect of the package above, but adds over 140 channels of high-quality digital television through DirecTV

It doesn't matter if you want movies, sports, or kids' programming, this package has channels for everyone. The breathtaking quality of the digital signal is probably unlike anything you've ever seen before.

In addition to the best package of services of any of the Qwest bundles, you also save over $400/year by subscribing to this package.

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Confused about all the new terminology?

backbone - The part of a communications network that handles the major traffic using the highest-speed, and often longest, paths in the network.

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