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SBC Yahoo, Main Facts about the Company

As SBC is the largest telecommunications company in the United States and one of the leading companies in the world, it has one of the world's most advanced and powerful backbone networks, which is capable of carrying 5.4 petabytes of traffic during an average business day.

SBC Yahoo is one of the oldest telecommunications company in the United States that became No. 1 broadband DSL provider for the United States customers. There are 7.8 million lines in service and this factor suggests that SBC Yahoo is an absolute leader among other broadband DSL providers. Therefore, SBC Yahoo is the leading telecommunications company that provides Wi-Fi services for residential customers and small business organizations. Since SBC Yahoo is one of the telecommunication leaders in the United States it is also a global company that delivers broadband Internet, data transport, and video services. SBC Yahoo makes large investments into development of DSL and wireless technologies to bring robust and reliable Internet to its individual customers, business organizations, and governmental institutions.

AT&T Corporation and SBC Communications Inc. merged and became one of the largest telecommunications and networking companies. Today, the company has IP-based (Internet Protocol) network capabilities, assets, and vast resources that enables the company to lead the industry and provide innovative services such as voice, data and video.

SBC Yahoo Products and Services

Being one of the largest broadband DSL providers in the United States, SBC Yahoo provides its customers with broadband DSL in 13 states and local voice services. Furthermore, the company is capable to deliver a range of wireless voice and data services across 49 states in the United States. From the global point of view, SBC Yahoo offers international voice services in 149 countries. SBC Yahoo owns more than 34.000 Wi-Fi access points in the United States and the world. Having a high-performance infrastructure, SBC Yahoo is able to evolve toward the newest and advanced DSL cable technologies by supporting different applications. SBC Yahoo is also one of the largest providers of messaging services. In addition, the company focuses on bringing various cost benefits for residential customers and small-business companies.

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sdsl Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line - This technology provides the same bandwidth in both directions, upstream and downstream. That means whether you're uploading or downloading information, you have the same high-quality performance. SDSL provides transmission speeds within a T1/E1 range, of up to 1.5 Mbps at a maximum range of 12,000 18,000 feet from a central office, over a single-pair copper wire. This option is ideal for small and medium sized businesses that have an equal need to download and upload data over the Internet.

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