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Sprint Company Overview

The company was founded as early as 1899 by Cleyson Leroy Brown and was then named "Brown Telephone Company." It went through several transitions and name changes with time, until in 1982 the name Sprint was introduced. The latest major change was the acquisition of Nextel Networks by Sprint Corporation which created one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. The full name of the new company is Sprint Nextel Corporation.

Sprint's main business units are the global markets division, the local division and other businesses (primarily wholesale of telecommunications products). The main focus of the global markets division is on domestic and international long distance communications, broadband fixed wireless, and several other services. The local division specializes in local communications and customer long distance services used by customers within territories served by Sprint's local franchises. Sprint is also a Tier 1 Internet provider and creates a part of Internet backbone.

Sprint's Data Services

Sprint's local division became a separate company in May 2006 with a new name - Embarq. It is comprised mainly by local phone companies that serve approximately 8,1 million access lines in 18 states. Embarq also offers local data services, such as digital subscriber lines (DSL) to its customers.

Combining the existing networks of Sprint and Nextel, Embarq can offer its customers a variety of voice and data services. High speed Internet access via DSL or wireless fixed broadband deliver great performance and flexibility to both business and residential customers.

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